Helping businesses go mobile

Mobile and Web application development

Today every decent website works well on a mobile phone, but what about your business solutions?

Your employees and business partners expect to be able to do some actual work from their mobile phone.

That’s why it matters that you provide them with applications they love to use and make them efficient, even when their phone is their only available device.

It is challenging to build a mobile business application that keeps you productive:

1. Adapt a large screen interface to a mobile device requires know-how and empathy with actual users. Data grids are terrible on a phone, only the data necessary to make a decision need to be present at a time. For that you need to understand the intent of your user at any time.
2. Security is a major concern when your business is taken out of the company. Not only sensitive data is traveling but operational actions are taken. The hotel WiFi is not secured or a phone is lost? You need to protect data during transfer, on the device and ensure you always know the identity of the active user.
3. Performance is dependent on many factors on a mobile device. Your users need to know they can rely on your application even with a bad internet service. It must be fast to start, reliable and remain operational when they need it.

Contrary to popular belief, security is not the most difficult to reach. There are well established practices that need to be followed in order to be protected against attacks. As always, the weakest link breaks first and security breaches mostly happen because some basic technique has not been applied.

What is the highest risk then, the one that can cause your mobile project to simply fail? It's user adoption.

You want an app that your users love. They need to feel empowered by it, not make it more complicated for them. If your employees don't like the app, you can still demand that they use it. But you certainly don't want that, do you? And it's definitely not sustainable.

Your only chance of success is that users are a driving force and you will achieve it if it reduces their tedious work and gives the satisfaction of new power.